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The basis of our service is our managed helpdesk, accessible both online and by telephone. This is accessible to all of our clients at all times and is manned daily from 8am to 10pm.

In the event of an issue out of hours requiring instant response, we operate an on-call system to ensure that there is always someone available to help. Automated escalation procedures in accordance with the Service Level Agreement ensure that all issues are dealt with in an efficient and timely manner and that on-site personnel always receive the required level of support to deal with matters to a consistently high standard. All critical information is also documented on our internal knowledge base which means that in the unlikely event of us losing familiar staff, any of our engineers can become au fait with the support systems with a minimal learning period.

All calls logged through the helpdesk are routed to the appropriate personnel, either the on-site engineer or our remote support team. The client is issued a unique reference number and is able to track the progress of their issue through automatic updates or through logging in to the system online.

From our online helpdesk we are able to provide reports customised to the client’s requirements to assist with the billing process and to see that service levels are met. These are available online or delivered to order. Through detailed analysis of the reports, we are able to identify problem areas and act accordingly, ensuring continual service improvement and resulting in less fire fighting and more productivity. We recommend monthly meetings to discuss ongoing projects, outstanding issues and anything else which may occur, although this schedule can be tailored to customer requirements.

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